What Would We Do Without Computers

    Computers have become an essential part of everyday life and for businesses as well as personal use and school use. They were designed to save natural resources around us, such as paper made from trees, pencils made from… Continue Reading

About the American Cowboy

  AFTER THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, They came from the east, Midwest, and south to work on ranches and drive the trail, over 50,000 rode the herds. Becoming a cowboy became a passion among eastern college men. A few cowboys… Continue Reading

How to Build a Man Cave

  Men as like a woman like to have some time alone. A place where they can invite their friends to watch the games in peace and quiet or just to spend time alone to relax. Many men have always… Continue Reading

The Joys of Hunting Season

September hunting season will begin until January in many parts of the United States and other countries. It’s time for men and women. Yes,I said women, alike love to go hunting. There are many reasons why people go hunting. People… Continue Reading

Good Morning Coffee Hack

A lot of people drink coffee in the morning. I for one can’t function with out my coffee when I get up. People also love to save time in their hectic schedules, I’m included in loving to save as much… Continue Reading


It’s that time of year again, Game Day is quickly approaching, I know many football enthusiast can’t wait for this day to come Are you ready for your game day party? There are a lot of preparations with food accessories… Continue Reading